Why Ventilate Commercial and Industrial Buildings?

Reduce internal temperatures in summer.

A well ventilated building can reduce the build up of trapped heat, making for more effcient temperature control and a more comfortable workplace.
Hot air built up during the day is removed and replaced with the cooler evening air which, in turn, is stored in high thermal structures like concrete slabs.
The next morning, warm air entering a building is cooled by impact with the cold structures.

Reduce humidity and potential corrosion.

Reducing moisture levels inside a building not only improves the environment for the occupants, but also reduces the potential for corrosion of building structures.

Reduce energy consumption.

A ventilated building can have temperatures up to 4 degrees lower than a non-ventilated building at midday.
You won’t need to rely so much on air conditioners, which means lower ongoing energy bills.

Remove pollutants.

Some workplaces can produce atmospheric pollutants which cause distress at critical levels.
Natural ventilation continuously removes pollutants, replacing them with clean, fresh air.

Release smoke.

Many buildings today are required to install smoke release vents which are often pneumatically controlled hatches with fusible links, which spring open in the event of high temperatures or smoke build up.
They are costly, but rarely used.
Specifically designed natural wind ventilators can replace smoke release vents and perform both the function of smoke release and constant ventilation – a dual purpose, with assured return on investment.


HURRICANE ventilaton systems.

Hurricane™ ventilation systems are designed to ensure your building will have the best ventilation performance, with the right air exchange rates.
For your peace of mind, all our standard products have a 15 year warranty.

Features of Hurricane™

Specifically designed for commercial / industrial applications

• Delivers a better working environment
• Reduces temperatures in buildings
• Reduces humidity in buildings
• Reduces pollutant levels

15 year warranty

• Peace of mind that standard product will have long service life, without problems or ongoing maintenance.

Edmonds offers a design service to help ensure the right size/number/type of vents is specified according to AS4740.

• Peace of mind
• Knowledge that system will achieve desired air exchange rates to ensure required performance

ECOPOWER-A revolution in ventilation.

The revolutionary ecopower® from Edmonds is a hybrid roof vent developed to ensure a constant supply of fresh air with minimum energy use.
It combines natural ventilation with a computer controlled, high efficiency electric motor in a single unit to ensure consistent air quality and guaranteed performance when you need it.

Ecopower® offers customers the following unique benefits:

• High efficiency ventilation at all times
• Low energy costs
• Significantly lower noise levels than axial fan vents
• Advanced German EC motor technology
• Edmonds vertical vane vent technology for higher performance*
• Light weight
• Single-phase power and low voltage (selected models) for easy electrical installation

*Flow coefficient tests performed under AS4740:2000 by Edmonds.