Natural Lighting and Ventilation Central Coast provide a comprehensive range of traditional skylights.

There are over 30 sizes in the traditional range of skylights with applications for all roof types and profiles.

Product Range:

  • Can be ventilating,non-ventilating, opening or fixed.
  • Skylight glazing available- double or single glazed, acrylic, polycarbonate, glass.
  • Available glazing colours: clear, tinted or opal – Custom order of special colours.
  • Glazing shapes available: domed ( rectangular,square , circular), pyramid (single glazed or segmented) and flat (glass).
  • Traditional skylights can be opening to be used as a roof access point with a glazing type for light and access. They could also be all metal for security access.
  • Light shafts between the roof and the ceiling can be built from various materials e.g Gyprock, craft wood, pine, cedar, or flexible for difficult installations.
  • Complete skylight kits for the home handyman.

If you need to replace your old skylight, call or contact us today to get it inspected and fixed.