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VELUX Sun Tunnels

Improved design reduces installation time

The NEW generation VELUX Sun Tunnel has been redesigned from the ground up with a wide range of improvements that make installation faster and easier.

Tube assembly time is reduced and less time is spent in the roof cavity.

The VELUX flexible and rigid Sun Tunnels provide installation flexibility. Rigid Sun Tunnels are most suited to roof spaces with minimal obstructions. They have a highly

reflective shaft to achieve maximum light output.

Flexible tunnels can be used when obstructions in the roof cavity prevent the

use of rigid Sun Tunnels.

VELUX Sun Tunnels for pitched roofs are designed to provide natural light into corridors, stairwells,

bathrooms and cupboards; where installation of a VELUX Skylight is not possible.

TWF OK14 Sun Tunnel with flexible shaft ? 2200mm long, 350mm diameter

TWR OK14 Sun Tunnel with rigid shaft ? 1650mm long, 350mm diameter

ZTR OK14 Rigid extension ? 1240mm


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