Solar Powered Opening Skylight

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Solar powered top-hung skylights.

The ultimate skylight that providesabundant daylight and controllable ventilation.

The solar powered skylight features a solar panel that captures available daylight to recharge a highly efficient, concealed battery powered operator and control system.

? White painted interior timber frame and sash.

? Outer aluminium cappings (grey).

? Smooth profile sits lower in the roof,does not obstruct the roofline.

? Choice of 9 sizes.

? Rain sensor automatically closes the skylight when rain is detected.

? High Performance double glazing as standard, with NEAT™ outer coating: reduces cleaning frequency.

? Insect screen fitted as standard.

? Complete with flashings for corrugated iron or tile roofs.

? Approx 80% Heat Block.

? High Performance Double Glazing (HP).

Wireless control system

? Radio frequency controller with advanced control options for both skylight and blind operation.

? Home Automation Systems interface (KLF 100) available.


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